• Multi Drill & Accessories - CAD Modelling
  • Cylinder Head - Reverse Engineering Cad Modelling
  • Clothes Iron - Domestic Industrial Design
  • Mining Truck Drivetrain - CAD Modelling
  • Jet Engine Blade - Aerospace
  • Stirling Engine - Engineering CAD Modelling Video Image CAD Design

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Innovative Industrial Product Design

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Design Excellence

CAD Design is what we do. We are a provider of Engineering Design resources and services, to the highest standards for the widest range of customer needs.

Industry Experience

Bringing depth of experience in CAD, design, development and manufacturing across a broad spectrum of engineering and creative disciplines.

Product Vision

We’ve put together a collection of CAD rendered images and video presentations over the course of years that we hope will delight and impress our visitors.

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Cylinder Head - Reverse Engineering Cad Modelling

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering can involve discovering the technological principles of a device, or taking a styling model into 3D CAD for the purposes of further developing a design based on that shape.
Multi Drill & Accessories - CAD Modelling

CAD Modelling

Computer Aided Design or CAD, is the best use of 3D CAD modelling techniques in the design of anything from a single component to the most complex assembly.
Refrigerator Ice Maker - Domestic Product Development

Product Development

We leverage all our Product Development activities from a single engineering core definition enabling us to provide complete Turnkey Solutions for your retail, commercial or industrial projects.
Refrigerator Interior - Domestic


Designing objects or appliances for domestic appliances and consumer goods provides a unique opportunity to visualise things which are both functional and aesthetically satisfying.
Alloy Wheel & Tyre - Automotive Images


Experience counts in Automotive Design from Body in White through to Chassis, Packaging Layout and Vehicle Integration to Studio Engineering.
Underground Mining Truck - Industries


When it comes to Mining the need to move mountains means the challenge is to both ensure safety and promote innovation while maintaining the highest standards.
Clothes Iron - Domestic Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is the art of applied aesthetics to the development of products without compromising on functionality or ease of manufacture.
Chalkline Protractor - Inventions Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

We merge the output of CAD with technical writing and a range of documentation and presentation techniques to assist in both market and aftermarket product support areas.
Acute Tool Sharpening System - Engineering Design Images

Engineering Design

Design is what we do. We are a provider of Engineering Design resources and services. And we like to think that we have a unique approach.
Panton Chairs Image - Industrial Design Visualisation Image

Image Gallery

We hope this collection of CAD rendered images accumulated over the course of years of work will delight and impress our visitors.
Jet Engine Blade - Aerospace


Working on Aerospace Projects from R&D testing, Engine manufacture, Composite structures and Airframe building has provided the opportunity to cover the full gamut of advanced aircraft technologies.
Golf Club - Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

To develop both products and tooling for Sports & Leisure are among the most rewarding of the many design disciplines that we have been involved with over time.
Computer Mouse - Industrial Design - Consulting Image

Training & Consulting

Sometimes your require solid experience and at others you need flexibility of somebody who is available from time to time to support ongoing projects.
Drill & Press Machines - Tooling

Machinery & Tooling

From press and piercing tools of all kinds to injection moulding, casting, forging, templates, jigs and fixtures we have the tools and the expertise to get the job done.
Klein Bottle with Liquid - Industrial Design Visualisation Image


Visualisation is another aspect of bringing your product to market is to communicate its aesthetic value and demonstrate its function for mainly marketing purposes.
Stair Square - Inventions Data Translation

Data Translation

Data Translation formats we deal with include Unigraphics NX, Catia V5, Solidworks, Autocad, DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP, STL or Parasolid files.
Roofing Protractor - Inventions

Inventors & Inventions

inventors come to us with original inventions and concepts that are crying out for the attention of an experienced designer or engineer to take up the challenge of making the most of a good idea.
CAD Drafting - Fan Assembly Drawing

CAD Drafting

Engineering Drafting is one of the most basic functions of CAD for communicating a design in a standardised drawing format for prototype or manufacture.
Stirling Engine - Engineering CAD Modelling Video Image - Frequently Asked Questions

Video Gallery

Please also have a quick look at a few of the better Video animation projects that we've compiled to illustrate various products and designs.
Injection Moulding Tool - Prototypes Tooling

Prototypes & Tooling

In bringing your product from the virtual to the tangible we create data to help you make prototypes through to tooling requirements and beyond.

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