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Welcome to JAMB Design Solutions

Welcome to our relaunched website:

CAD Design in Melbourne for over 21 years. The time came for a newer fresher look, and the way to achieve that was using a WordPress site. A move I hope impresses with looks as much as performance.

I hope visitors will enjoy both the older content presented in a different way and a few refreshed images and features being published here for the first time.

One of the better features of WordPress is the ability to write blog posts, share some thoughts and get some occasional feedback, which I hope will be mostly positive.

There are a couple of links and pages that are for the moment still works in progress to be rebuild. Mainly the Resources and Downloads pages. (when they’re added the ability to edit posts means I’ll be able to keep you updated by changing this post).

Please connect with us using the social media icons as you see fit, or look for a grouping labelled Share this: to spread the word among Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google+ or Linkedin contacts.

That’s all for the moment, thanks for visiting or reading…..