About Us

JAMB Design Solutions

Founded in 1996 Jamb Design Solutions is dedicated customer focused CAD Design consultancy offering innovative industrial, design and engineering solutions using CAD/CAM software.

We are based in Melbourne Australia, but positioned firmly in cyberspace, committed to combining excellence with cost effective solutions to realise the best outcomes for your engineering and product designs.

We are focused on integrating a combination of design and engineering with communications and collaboration using cutting edge technologies to offer better solutions with lower overheads.

CAD Design

We mainly use Unigraphics NX and Catia CAD/CAM Software to create our designs, but are flexible in finding ways to work with data from any format of your choice.

In particular we look at the following aspects of CAD Design in offering the most appropriate solutions to your projects.

Experience which we offer to provide you with the best available solution for your design and engineering needs.

Customer focus meshes with the designer’s experience whenever we undertake to bring about your project success. We bring industry experience from Industrial Design, Aerospace, Automotive, Mining, Consumer products and Appliances, Manufacturing,Tooling, Sports and Leisure and working with new Inventions.

Knowledge that we can bring to bear and share in partnership to help work smarter rather than harder to achieve a better result.

Collaboration as a set of tools that include but don’t end with just the technology to engineer and  communicate. Making innovative use of Internet technologies and interactive presentations helps engage with all the necessary participants in developing design projects, but importantly it keeps down our overheads.

Technology not just as something we use and understand but something we engage with and keep growing with and building upon through constant interaction.
Automation and integration of all the systems that we use bind the technology and engineering into the best kind of solution for any need.