Please find below downloads for a few documents, presentations and samples that may prove useful for further research and evaluation purposes.

Design Guides – 405 Kb (Zip)

The first important requirement when commencing a design project has to do with establishing the aim and scope of what you set out to achieve. Some of the groundwork can be laid by thinking through your project with the aid of some well structured guides. We use these constantly in our profession and offer them as prompters for anyone seeking a good way to start their design project.

Contents: Example Design Guide (PDF) & Design Process Guide (PDF)

Template – Non Disclosure Agreement 124Kb (PDF)

If confidentiality is important to you then it is also important to us. In order to provide the basic legal protections you may find it convenient to use one of these pro forma documents by filling in the blanks.

We use a copy of this exact document in our work, and can provide either editable Microsoft Word Templates or Signed copies at the commencement of any project.

Roofing Protractor manual – 1.8 Mb (PDF)

The final draft of the Roofing Protractor Instructions Manual in PDF format, as supplied with the finished product.

Multi Drill Presentation – 1.8 Mb (PDF)

Presenting the characteristic features and functions of the Multi Drill Concept and it’s various attachments.

Grip Program for co-ordinate text – 2Kb (Zip)

This is a Unigraphics NX specific executable program which creates test labels of any selected point on a 3D model. You will need UG/NX with a Grip executable license in order to use this tool.

Sample eDrawing Assembly (Caliper) – 344 Kb (Zip)

The .EASM file included is an assembly of the eDrawing for the Caliper (pictured below). It requires the use of a viewer, which can be downloaded here. It is also possible to create self viewing executable versions of these assemblies, but it causes the file size to swell to markedly larger proportions inconvenient for email.

Sample JT2Go Assembly (Caliper) – 1.6 Mb (Zip)

The file included is an assembly of the JT2Go for the Caliper (pictured below). It requires the use of a viewer, which can be downloaded here. It is a free download following a simple registration process. The files exported from UG/NX are typically output as individual components in a folder.