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One of our more recent ventures has been working in partnership with inventors who come to us with original inventions and concepts that are crying out for the attention of an experienced designer or engineer. It is often rewarding to take up the challenge of making the most of a good idea.

Many new inventors may be entirely unfamiliar with industrial design, engineering or the many other services we can provide to develop your product.  We bring design, visualisation, manufacturing and collaborative tools into focus with experience and expertise. And our use of sophisticated CAD/CAM software is crucial to pursuing efficient and cost-effective design, prototyping and manufacturing opportunities.

We also work as consultants in partnership with Derek’s Concepts. Some may know Derek Pater for inventions such as the Roofing Protractor, which appeared in 2008 on ABC’s New Inventors television program. This is just one of the products we have designed for manufacturing on behalf of several different inventors. Derek is a wealth of information and experience for new inventors just starting out with their first idea through to the hard-won experience along the long road to success.

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