Machinery & Tooling

Machinery and tooling are at the heart and soul of manufacturing, so our design expertise doesn’t stop with the product design itself. We know that every product is designed with a purpose in mind. Therefore, it has the potential for success that needs to be achieved through the manufacturing process.

The tools used in the virtual world of design extend to reusing the product data in tool design. Typically, integrating CAD downstream with CAM programming to generate the CNC code that drives numerically controlled machine tools and 3D Printers.

Manufacturing methods range from press and piercing tools of all kinds to injection moulding, casting, forging, templates, jigs and fixtures. We have the tools and the expertise to provide an enhanced response with optimum efficiency.

We don’t just design the parts and hope for the best. Nor do we just make the parts. We also attend to the tooling, production techniques and special purpose machines needed to take a concept to its final destination.

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