Here are some Resources you might want to use yourself or check out as a means to help you better understand or manage working with us on your projects.

This page reprises content with some improvements and updates to its previous cousin on the earlier versions of our website. It may eventually be replaced with a short series of blog articles under the same searchable category.

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Siemens NX

We primarily use Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM software along with CATIA V5, and occasionally Alias Studiotools, or Solidworks to suit specific clients.

We choose Unigraphics NX because as the name suggests it delivers outstanding capacity to express all aspects of the design process across the widest range of industries and has excellent extended support for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and manufacturing.

Logo - DS Catia

DS Catia

In anticipation that some people visiting this site may be encountering this technology for the first time we have included links to the software vendor’s sites at the right to assist you in your research.

It is a good idea at the outset of any CAD based project to have some basic understanding of the software and deliverables and portability of various kinds of data between vendors. Our job is to explain those considerations at greater length as an when we embark on projects together.

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