Here are some Resources you might want to use yourself or check out as a means to help you better understand or manage working with us on your projects.

This page reprises content with some improvements and updates to its previous cousin on the earlier versions of our website. It may eventually be replaced with a short series of blog articles under the same searchable category.

CAD Software
Logo - NX

Siemens NX

We primarily use Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM software along with CATIA V5, and occasionally Alias Studiotools, or Solidworks to suit specific clients.

We choose Unigraphics NX because as the name suggests it delivers outstanding capacity to express all aspects of the design process across the widest range of industries and has excellent extended support for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and manufacturing.

Logo - DS Catia

DS Catia

In anticipation that some people visiting this site may be encountering this technology for the first time we have included links to the software vendor’s sites at the right to assist you in your research.

It is a good idea at the outset of any CAD based project to have some basic understanding of the software and deliverables and portability of various kinds of data between vendors. Our job is to explain those considerations at greater length as an when we embark on projects together.

3D Viewers
Logo - JT2GO


Different vendors provide their own flavours of 3D viewing tools that enable users of CAD systems to export lightweight versions of their designs for review. Putting the tools in your hands to visualise designs as the progress is a powerful way for people in different locations to collaborate on their projects.

Typically some tessellated version or neutral CAD file format needs to be output to facilitate viewing using any of this software, but for some hands on users the opportunity to interact with data is vital to coming to grips with the designs we’re working on for them or with them.

Logo - e-drawings


Where Dassault Systems products may tend towards eDrawings UGS have optimised for the JT2Go viewer. We have provided samples of either variety on our Downloads Page and links at the right to the vendor’s sites for those of you who may wish to download and install their viewing software.

There are free viewers of either available to end users (people reading files as opposed to outputting them from CAD), some of which may also be available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Logo - Autodesk

AutoDesk Viewers

Mention should also be made of a trend towards online collaboration and viewing tools of which several are fully featured and easier to work with than the CAD vendors’ generic offerings. One downside for many will be security concerns where sensitive IP is involved, but in the interests of covering all our bases AutoDesk provide a couple of options and downloadable viewers some people will find useful.


Logo - Skype

The first and most important resources for any collaborative enterprise usually involve communication. Whether we are near of far from your location it is always possible to be in contact with the range of tools that we have available at our fingertips today. First preference for making contact is always the spoken word or face to face meeting. Either of these are possible using VoIP products like Skype, and the best part is that skype to skype calls cost you nothing. The software itself is either free to download or bundled with some Microsoft Office releases, supported on mobile and desktop platforms, and capable of both file and desktop sharing. That means even somebody with no special CAD knowledge can walk through a design remotely with the designer at the controls of an online virtual demonstration, either one on one or in a conference setting.

Clicking the button below or on our contact form will open a Chat session with us, available to anyone who already has a Skype login ID.

File Transfer

Logo - WinrarWhen it comes to exchanging data via email then one of the more essential resources to have is a powerful archiving tool with good security features. Winrar is such a tool and is available for free download. It simply and easily produces single or multi-volume archives tailored to suit email size limits. It has strong password based encryption capable of both protecting the files and hiding the list of contents from prying eyes. It reads and writes all the prevalent formats including Zip, but has the ability to deliver much higher compression in native Rar formats.

Logo - DropboxWhen data becomes too large to exchange via e-mail then the next step may be to upload data to a temporary storage site. Such a cloud based facility is provided by Dropbox. For moderate needs their free service should suffice. At the time of writing a free subscription gets users at least 2Gb of space, whereas the next level of storage is 1Tb for the cheapest paid subscription. Emails with a link to download are sent to the sender and recipient but nobody else on the Internet has visibility of your data. Typically the data we would exchange takes the form of encrypted Winrar archives, and therefore be independently password protected. Encrypted Cloud services such as Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive are also supported across desktop and mobile platforms and can be configured with stronger two-factor verification.

FTP Access

Logo - FilezillaOne of the additional resources available to customers who formally contact us to request it, and agree to some very basic Terms of Service, is secure Login access using a Username and Password that we will provide. For most users this will require the installation of some simple File Transfer Protocol software. The free client version of FileZilla is the best and easiest to set up and use. Our hosts at siteground have conveniently provided a fairly comprehensive tutorial here.

CAD Forums
Logo - Eng Tips

Eng Tips UG/NX

For people wanting resources to find out more about CAD/CAM systems or any aspects of engineering you can follow the link to Eng-Tips forums. There are forums for Unigraphics UG-NX and CATIA Products and many other interactive and searchable forums.

CAD users who know what they’re talking about answer the questions you post and the quality of answers is usually quite high. If users like ourselves don’t keep it high enough you’ll often find senior industry figures who monitor and post their answers alongside the ordinary users. You’ll find us there answering you questions on a regular basis.