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For Sport, Game, Deep Drop & Jig Fishing

Every now and then a new idea comes along and surprises even the most seasoned fisherman!

Introducing the all new THUMB SAVER Level wind System.

THUMB SAVER is designed and developed by JAMB Design to assist the angler to lay line evenly onto a reel. Whether the line is Braid, Mono or your favourite wind on leader, the THUMB SAVER lays it level and even across the spool with “NO” Thumb, Finger, Hand or Skin contact! The THUMB SAVER takes the pressure off the angler getting the perfect line lay on the reel every time with minimal effort during the fight or when clearing the lines!

With tested line-out speeds of over 30 knots the pivoting arm system reacts smoothly and effortlessly for all those Big Fish Blistering Runs!!

From Inshore Sport Fishing for Mackerel, Kingies and Coral Trout to offshore jigging for Doggies, Deep Drop fishing for Swords or Trolling for the Elusive Grander Marlin!

Any Inshore or Offshore Sport Fisherman will know the importance of getting an even line lay across a reel that doesn’t have a mechanical line guide. The THUMB SAVER will minimise the risk of losing that fish of a lifetime by laying your line level and even across the spool even under high adrenaline conditions!

Suited for the expert, weekend warrior, Charter Boat operator or simply any person getting started in the Sport Fishing game! When used correctly THUMB SAVER  eliminates the risk of cuts, burn, and spool build up break-offs.

Charter Boat Operators please take note, you should be the most excited to have your clients using THUMB SAVER as this is the ideal safety product. With a few basic steps, simply attach the THUMB SAVER to your favourite rod and reel combination and enjoy stress free fishing!

Application: Suited for Conventional reels ranging in sizes from 20 to 80 Wide.

Suited for Rod Fore Grips ranging in sizes from 25mm up to 50mm in diameter.

Suited for Braid, Mono, Fluorocarbon, Dacron and Wind on Leaders ranging in sizes from 2lb light game through to 400+lb Heavy Game

THUMB SAVER’S unique 360 degree clamping system is designed to gently yet firmly grip and spread an even amount of pressure around the rod’s fore grip.

The THUMB SAVER Line Guide System is built to with stand whatever mother nature can through at it!!

The KIT Includes:

The Pivoting Arm fitted to the Top Mounting Plate, Bottom Plate and two Quick Release Straps constructed from toughened high-grade Nylon.

It comes fitted with a maintenance free sealed Stainless-Steel Roller Bearing, One Fuji Heavy duty interchangeable rod tip guide, a Stainless-Steel Guide locking nut, and a set of how to instructions.

An ergonomically designed rest positions the anglers thumb comfortably with a natural fighting grip on the rod. A simple left and right motion of the arm and guide will direct line evenly across the spool!  To suit different anglers, simply release the straps, slide the THUMB SAVER to the desired forward or aft position, and tighten!

The THUMB SAVER is built to handle the corrosive outdoor environment. At the end of your fishing session simply rinse along with your normal rod and reel wash down routine!

The THUMB SAVER has a hole in the thumb rest to be used for stowing your rod and reel combo at the end of the day, providing a convenient place to hook or clip to under light tension.

The THUMB SAVER is developed in Australia as the brainchild of three mates launching an “INDIEGOGO” Crowd Funding Campaign on “MAY 17th 2018” to raise funds for Production!

We only require orders for 250 units to get production started, so we’d love you to get on board!!

Read our full story and support us by ordering a THUMB SAVER from Indiegogo on the 17th of May 2018!

To place an order or check out our R&D videos please follow the link below.